Thursday, 1 December 2011

Semerak Baiduri Team 1 Represent Malaysia to Japan

  • Alhamdulillah, our Semerak Baiduri Team 1 Short Movie: Regret is selected to represent Malaysia for Youth Short Movie Festival in Minami Awaji, Japan
  • Will be competing with other Asean Countries
  • Rahimin is our representative and he's gonna be there for about 9 days
  • The news come out in Utusan Malaysia as well
  • Since the 1st day I arrived to this school, I've an aim that I'm gonna bring up the school name. If not throughout Malaysia, at least Kelantan. Japan was quite far from what I dreamed and to achieve this make me feel so thankful to Allah
  • Me & my team gonna work hard next year for more achievement! YOSH!

Merdeka Video Project: Friendship

CLIP: Friendship - Semerak Baiduri Team 3

  • FRIENDSHIP is a short movie commercial starring students from SMK Cherang Ruku to participate in "PERTANDINGAN MENCIPTA VIDEO MERDEKA 2011" under SKMM - Suruhanjaya Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia with the theme ICT dan Kemerdekaan
  • Semerak Baiduri Team 3
  • This projest was done last minute and we were quite in rush with everything 
  • Burn my midnight oil coz the dateline is too tight
  • Production team are mainly from form 3: Hafiz, Amirul, Harith & Bella
  • This video is also a special dedication to Hafiz as this will be his last project with Sir F. Production. He'll be moving to KL next year
  • We gonna miss u Hafiz! Hope that Amirul, Harith and Bella are still gonna be here next year

Short Movie Project: Karma

  • KARMA is another silent movie starring students from SMK Cherang Ruku to participate in 2011 ASIAN INTERNATIONAL YOUTH MOVIE FESTIVAL in Minami-Awaji Japan, collaboration between KPM & Japan Ambassador
  • This movie featured a cute cow of Azrul, thanks to his family for helping us with that!
  • Semerak Baiduri Team 2
  • Special thanks to the production team mainly from form 4: Syahmin,Zikrie,Shahrul,Pijoe,Tea,Ewe,Hairie,Azrul,Aqilah,Fatin,Juwairiah & Najihah
  • We did the shooting during Ramadhan as well and doing it somewhere in Kampung Sepulau really make us feel like a star
  • This team did not make it through but I think that they've done a great job and we can try again next year
  • Thanks again to Syahmin for the design
CLIP: Karma - Semerak Baiduri Team 2

Short Movie Project: Regret

  • REGRET is a silent movie starring students from SMK Cherang Ruku to participate in 2011 ASIAN INTERNATIONAL YOUTH MOVIE FESTIVAL in Minami-Awaji Japan, collaboration between KPM & Japan Ambassador. 
  • Their team were named Semerak Baiduri Team 1
  • We did the shooting during Ramadhan and I have so much fun working with these talented kids
  • Special thanks to the production team mainly from form 1: Rahimin,Rostam,Aiman,Amizan,Aizad,Huzaifah,Husaini,Fitri,Alif,Alif Zuawi,Hikmal,Diyana and Syamimi 
  • We managed to represent Malaysia to Japan and Rahimin is the lucky chosen one
  • He'll be in Japan for 9 days and all the cost will be paid by KPM (How I wish that I could be there too)
  • Credit to Syahmin for the cover's design
CLIP: Regret - Semerak Baiduri Team 1

Choral Speaking: Teenagers, What a Life!

  • Involved form 1 and form 2, approximately around 45 of them 
  • 1st conductor is Aiman and 2nd back up conductor is Rostam
  • Initially it's for a contest so I've been training them since July until September
  • Enjoying the training even a bit tired and respect the kids coz they can still stand with my "monstering"
  • Some issues occured with the PPD so..there's no contest for this year, but they did performed during the Language Week
  • I'm a bit frustrated coz we've been training for so long but yet we're not informed if the contest is on or not, like we're practicing for nothing
  • PPd did promised us something next year...what to do..just wait for the news

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Semarak Teater: SK Kandis, Bachok

  • This camp was held in SK Kandis, Bachok and participated by all PPD in Kelantan
  • 10 talented students from SMKCR were selected to represent Pasir Puteh
  • Participants were taught about basic knowledge that they need to know pertaining to theater and stage performance 
  • On the last day, every team need to participate in a contest showing their talents
  • Our school got the 2nd place and a school from Kota Bharu managed to represent Kelantan for National level
  • Even we did not make it through, I think our team have done their best and in the end experience matter

MeloDrama: Selamat Hari Guru Cikgu Maria

  • Special performance during SMKCR Teacher's Day 2011
  • Sad story about Cikgu Maria that helps her student, Fatin. She sacrificed a lot of things for Fatin but end up by....(Please watch till the end if want to know what happen to Cikgu Maria...) 
  • Actor and actress is from form 3, form 4 and form 6
  • 10 students from this Melodrama were chosen for Semarak Theater Camp
  • Isyraf from As Shabab sings the OST of this Melodrama in the end with Hidayah
  • Congrats & Thanks to all As Shabab Crew. You guys are very talented and we meet our make our audience cry, meaning that they can understand the message that we wanted to convey
  • Like what I always said for those who didn't, "their brain aren't really functioning well" huh!...Looking forward for more projects in the future with these talented students
  • (WARNING!: Get urself ready with tissue before watching this...)
CLIP 1: Selamat Hari Guru Cikgu Maria - Part 1

CLIP 2: Selamat Hari Guru Cikgu Maria - Part2